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 How goes it?

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PostSubject: How goes it?   Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:00 pm

Hey everyone. My name is Russell. I'm the admin of this 'ere forum. You are all my pawns.

Any questions? No? Good. ... What is it? You have a question? You should have read the FAQ! ... You did read the FAQ? ... Oh well. Go bother a Mod. That's what they're paid for. ... What do you mean I don't pay you!? Shut up and go back to work!!


Anyway, I'm the Admin. I'm a friendly one, trust me. Smile

I like to make RPG games using RPG Maker VX. I prefer VX over XP because it's much easier to learn.

I like to play guitar. I play mainly post-hardcore stuff like Escape The Fate, A Day To Remember, and Falling In Reverse. (Which are my three favorite bands!)

Ronnie Radke (Old ETF, FIR) is my hero. Why? Because of all the shit he's been through. He deserves a fucking purple heart for everything he's been through. You don't know what he's been through? Look him up!

Anyway, don't know what else to say. Anything you wanna know, ask.

- A
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How goes it?
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